Redmount Samples Volume 1

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Unfortunately the online store is now closed and online sales are discontinued.

If you are in Sweden and would like to buy this sample pack – send us an email with your invoice information and we cand send you an invoice once paid you’ll get the download links. Below are some information on the sample pack.

Redmount Samples Volume 1 is a collection of 500+ high quality one-shot samples. It is purely focused on drums and percussion, but not in your standard way of thinking drums. We put microphones inside a tom drum, then played a kick from a TR707 through a guitar amplifier next to the tom. We’ve recorded pinching balloons, hitting broken crash cymbals, striping a snare drum to a 4×12 bass amp and then playing old drum machines through the amp etc. Also we recorded drum machines like Dr Drum played through distortion pedals and amps. Everything is recorded in our studio and carefully edited at transients and normalized so that they are ready to be put into your DAW session, hardware or software sampler.

The library is already being used by a wide range of producers ranging from Svidden (Galantis, Miike Snow, Hilary Duff), Mats Norman (Erik Lundin, Ansiktet, Maskinen), Jarly (Sigala, John Newman, Ana Diaz), Den Svenska Bj√∂rnstammen, Michel Zitron (Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, Tinie Tempah), Niklas Bergl√∂f (Vasas Flora & Fauna, Ambivalensen, Love Antell), Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Sweden, Linn Koch-Emmery) and many more.


In short, this sample library is not your average drum sample library. Listen to the demo’s below and hear for yourself – these demos use sounds from the library ONLY.

The recording of “Sample Amped Snares”

The samples

  • RDMT1 AD Acoustic Drums (37)
  • RDMT1 CY Cymbals (83)
  • RDMT1 DrDrum (49)
  • RDMT1 PD Processed Drums (8)
  • RDMT1 PR Percussions
    • Claps (8)
    • Claves (26)
    • Cowbell (15)
    • Guiro (22)
    • Hand drum (15)
    • Random (31)
    • Shakers (46)
    • Tambourines (23)
  • RDMT1 SA Sample-Amped Snares 1 (34)
  • RDMT1 SA Sample-Amped Snares 2 (24)
  • RDMT1 TR707
    • TR707 MXR Oktav Fuzz (38)
    • TR707 TOM (17)
  • RDMT1 Volca (36)

All in all you’ll get 512 high quality one shot samples, ready to use, as 24 bit WAV files in either 48kHz or 44.1kHz. You will get two download links emailed to you after your purchase.

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